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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Who said Scousers don't work

After seeing English workers during my time in business I was so surprised at what I saw while sat outside my daughters house. I arrived from Portugal at 6am in the morning and instead of waking her I stayed outside in my van.

My granddaughter is always excited to see me so I wanted to surprise her before she went to school. I told my daughter not to answer the door on the morning I was due. I knocked on the door at the agreed time and my granddaughter opened the door. It was worth waiting outside just to see her face she seems just as excited to see me as she always is.

Now back to waiting in the van. A little before 7am I saw someone walking fast with a long ladder and at first my first thought was he had stolen the ladder. Until I saw him put the ladder up to someone's window, then Oh is he going to break in but no another two guys came with ladders came and started to do the upstairs windows of a number of houses in the street. As quick as they came 2 more came to clean the downstairs now remember what I said about time it still was before 7am in the morning.

I do have a photo but the IPad won't let me download it so I have to wait till I get home and have access to desktop computer whe I get home.

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