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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

getting ready for the drive back

It may be a few days early but I have to get ready for the journey home some time so I stared a few days early. This time I am bringing loads of Organic Spices and I can sell them for the same price as my none Organic spices. My supplier tells me that most of the Spices I have been selling are in fact Organic it is just the cost to register and have yearly inspections that stop the growers from declaring they are Organic.

As I have room in my van I am also bringing back to sell at the markets English food. There are loads of people who don't or won't accept the fresh Portuguese food on offer and would rather pay extra for English food laced with all kinds of additives. Last trip the most popular thing I had was Custard creams and Cloudy lemonade and I have an order for 6 bottles of lemonade. I picked out only a small range of goods for sale and hopefully after two or three markets all should be gone till my next trip to restock.

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