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Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Reunion

While in Liverpool on my last trip i went to a school Reunion for those who attended Rosco Garsfild road school.

The night went well in fact a little to well but nobody got drunk after all we are all in our late 60's. The surprise to me was a number of ladies turned up, our school was in two halves and a fence between the two. The only disappointment for me was John Wild never turned up, i wasn't told till the end was that he passed away the week before. John and i used to help each other with homework and generally where good mates at school.

Seeing Steve after his accident was good he has made great progress and is now able to walk but not unaided.

I took loads of pictures on my digital camera and put the memory card in my wallet. The next day while i was in town my wallet was stolen and all the photos have gone i can only hope some of the others there on the night will have some pictures they can let me have.

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