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Friday, 28 July 2017

It's coming together at last

Over the last couple of months i have been making my lounge bigger by opening the second spare bedroom. I took out a wall and door and frame to open the lounge and bedroom into one.The walls and ceiling have been replaced by putting battens on the wall and using insulated plaster board. The ceiling was also done by dropping it by about 120mm and with the addition of a ceiling fan and 4 LED lights.

The only outstanding  job is trimming around the windows and i now have found where i can get Chestnut to match everything i have done. I also have to move my TV unit as this is going to be the part i will use most as it feels so comfortable.

I had wanted one wall a different colour and i used grey but it didn't look right. I tried first with a white strip but again it's didn't look right. I looked at a site that did house renovating and saw a wall with a strip so that's how i got my strip on the wall. It was only after i did the black strip that it all came together.

Using LED lights if i have them all on at once i am using only 23w to light the room. That works out at 44hrs of light for only one unit of electricity or about 18 cents.

This is an area i am most proud of but for so long it was hidden by my dinning room table now it looks so good.
I have a tiler who is coming to tile the outside wall after the wall first is insulated.

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