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Monday, 31 July 2017

Tax time

Being a registered business here in Portugal every year I have to submit my accounts just as businesses do all over the world. Unlike the rest of the world when I went to the local tax office there computers where broke or as they say they where down. I went back the next day and again the computers where still down.

This second nd time when the computers where down was the last day to submit my accounts. However the office manager was happy to submit my accounts when the system was up and running. Today I had occasion to go to the tax office and one of the staff called me over to check my name as they had a letter for me. The letter was my submitted accounts completed and the total I was to pay was 67.44€ that's more than double what I paid last year. Last year I paid 31€ much better than the many thousands of pounds I paid each year in the UK.

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