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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Wood work is coming to a halt

I have been trying to varnish a number of parts for round one of my windows. Every time i try and apply varnish the finish comes out very poor so i sand each part down again. After sanding down again i try to apply more varnish being careful that i add the correct amount of water as it says on the tin. I think the mistake i am making is that i didn't notice where it gave the minimum and maximum working temperatures.

My only option now is to wait till it gets a bit warmer when i can get started again. But all my existing jobs are all based on my windows so i need to find something to do that is not based on using varnish and windows.

Here is all my present job and a couple of bits to make a couple of clocks and a table lamp. At the front is the sill for the window i am working on at the moment.

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  1. Hi Peter. I know that oil based varnish can have problems if there is moisture in the air. You can end up with a bloom like finish and it remains tacky. Apart from that well done on the progress.