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Sunday, 18 March 2018

No Laundry basket not even under the bed

After completing my bedroom downstairs one thing that didn't look right was my laundry basket.It always looked out of place so i had to find an answer to having the basket in the bedroom. When i showed my son the pictures below i must admit he laughed until i explained what i had done.

For about 20€ i came up with the answer to have my laundry basket downstairs by my washing machine but. One thing i didn't want was to be having to go downstairs with my washing so i came up with my Laundry chute.

Here is the pipe now in place in the corner nice and tidy.

Here is how it works just drop the washing into the pipe and it falls downstairs to the basket.

There it is my washing down at the bottom of the chute in the basket.

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