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Thursday, 2 January 2014

A user snapshot

I left using windows many years ago due to it's poor security record. I started to use Suse Linux and then i moved on to what i now use Ubuntu Linux. Below is a snapshot of users when i came onto my Blog today and also it shows the type of operating systems being used and also the types of browser.

This is just a snapshot for just a small period of time.Just click on the picture below.

The first thing i noticed was that nobody was using windows Internet explorer for there browser. Also Chrome and Firefox both having equal amounts of users. The top browser being Silk now Silk is the browser used by Kindle now that was a shock to me. The good news was that all four browsers are more secure that windows has been in the past.

I am glad to see that the users using Linux was top and also Other Unix is also another type of Linux. Windows being second and that's how i would like to see it stay but we will see. Apple came in third with Ipad and Macintosh.

If anybody wants to consider the security of Ubuntu Linux then just go to but first take the time to read the benefits from using a Linux system.

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