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Friday, 3 January 2014

Keeping the Couriers busy

Pharosparcels and UPS are doing very nice this Christmas time. Three parcels delivered on time and another two on there way and one more being got ready now in Liverpool. What would i do without my son.

The secret to posting overseas via Pharosparcels and UPS for £23.58 plus vat you can send up to 30 kilo. So do as i do get things collected and wait till there is enough before you get a parcel sent.

Even my Spice supplier is now using Pharosparcels and UPS so fill a box to get the best value.

Today UPS where  a whole day early with my next delivery. Delivery is a five day service but the last three parcels have arrived in only four days. It may be because the driver knows me now and doesn't have to waste time looking for my village. Over the next two weeks i have two more parcels and i am sure that they will arrive like all of the rest.

Here it is my  a 10 inch table saw and this should really help me getting things done in the house delivered by Pharosparcel as usual on time.

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