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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Granite worktop now fitted under the window

It's taken a while but i have now got my granite worktop fitted in front of the window i have fitted. Later this week i will have the lights and sockets working. Part of the hold up has been i want to fit Solar for the electrics but just for the lights. I will have all my lights changed to 12v LED running from a single solar panel and battery.

I will have in the center of the room a ceiling fan with a 240v low energy bulb for backup should the solar be a problem. The lights will all be 3w Led's and if all 12 where on i would only be using 36w of energy and even a dull day it will give plenty of power for the battery.

 This is the right hand side of the cooker hob and window.

As you can see this is to the left hand side of the hob and window.

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