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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Why do builders merchants get things wrong.

For a while i have wanted to get more insulated plasterboard to carry on with the lounge during the winter months. The problem has been in getting delivery of the boards to complete the walls.  The cost of delivery due to the distance from the supplier was 50€ and as i wanted only six boards that would be over 8€ per board delivered. I had my friend who offered to collect the first plasterboards for me and it only cost the price of the fuel for his van 15€. Not having the van option this time  i would have had to pay 50€.

I was encouraged by my neighbour to try the local builders merchants here in Gois and also the ones in Arganil. I first went to the merchant in Gois and although the price was a little more that from Penacova i would save a little over 30€ and that's with delivery.

The insulation on the back of the boards i use is 2 centimetres and with this size all my work to date is done with those dimensions in mind. I did the walls and the ceilings in the kitchen with this size board and it seems to do a good job in insulating the room  When i got my delivery the driver who knows no English and i don't know enough Portuguese but the problem was the boards delivered were 3 centimetres instead of 2 the centimetres i use thickness i normally use. It's OK for when i do the new ceiling but it's the walls i am doing at the moment and i needed the right size.

Only new houses in Portugal have insulation installed during the build stage. I am installing insulated plasterboard so that next winter the lounge should be nice and warm from my new log burner and i won't need to use my air conditioner as much as i do now.

The gap under the boards is where all the electrics cables are routed. Everything is run from below from the cellar so that in the future the walls are clear of cable and nobody will accidentally drill into the walls and get an electric shock.

The bottom picture shows on the right hand side where the new plasterboard has to go and the new board will not fit si this is where i am up to. If i can't get the boards changed i will keep them for the ceiling and get new boards for the rest of the walls. The dividing wall between the lounge and my bedroom will just be normal uninsulated plasterboard as it being an internal wall it needs no insulation.

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