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Saturday, 1 February 2014

The rains will stop but will anything happen in the UK.

I have been watching the UK news and seeing the damage done by the floods. Here in Portugal and in particular the part i live in have had our share of rain But a big But. The local Camara for those in the UK that's the local Councils name. When rain comes here we get it just as bad as the UK here is the BUT in the UK in the gutter at the side of the road you have drains covers that don't work because they were never planned for the level of rain. As the drains are of no use were is the rain supposed to go? nothing is built with the future in mind.

Lets look at Portugal we done have drains like the UK that can't cope when it gets bad, we have open gutters along all the roads and some as deep as 2ft in places. When we get rain it rains for days without stopping and the land has had so much it can't soak up any more rain and it's been that way now since before Christmas.

Unlike the UK our rain will stop and the sun will start to dry out the land, when the land gets dry  you can't even dig it up anymore as it goes like concrete. It gets so hard my chickens have trouble scratching the ground and i need a big wrecking bar to try to break the ground up. When the UK gets back to normal and the ground gets back to how it normally is what will happen. Hose pipe ban You have all seen it year after year out comes the Sun and on the news a Hose pipe ban.

What happens here in Portugal, we gt from as early as maybe April sun all day every day till October or maybe November. Rivers are down to a trickle and in some cases they dry up all together but hope de we cope, easy we just carry on as before. No water bans life is just as it always has been good.

In recent history of the area i live there had been floods when the rain was so bad, the local Camara sent the workforce out to dredge the rivers and also widen some rivers. Since these steps where taken the rivers now never get close to overflowing

After recent events with the floods in the UK what will happen, not a lot i would guess, other countries have there problems and they adapt to events but the UK i don't think will learn anything or if they do it will be to little to late.

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