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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sun Sun and more Sun on todays weather forecast

A pet hate i have is i don't want to know what the weather is going to be. I like nothing better than to wake in the morning and reach up to the window above my bed and open the shutters. Mostly sun comes shining through and brightens up the whole room what a start to the day.

Even the local Brits know not to tell me what the weather has to offer but today was different. I had a call from a friend in the UK who was telling me how the weather was where he lives. While talking i went onto Google and put in the weather forecast for my area and i got a nice shock. I was so shocked after what we had had for nearly two months that i took a couple of screen shots from my laptop.

As you can see Sun Sun and more Sun at the top of the screen shot you can see where it says Arganil that's the nearest town to where i live. The question now is has the weather turned and the rain and wind gone only time now will tell. A forecast from me is that the 3rd March will be a nice warm sunny day.

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