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Sunday, 9 February 2014

From the summer of 1999 to now

Going back to the summer of 1999 a lot of the news was about computers and that a virus would cripple all computers as the time came to midnight. That was of no concern to me i was just turned 50 and i wanted to see the new Millennium. As time grew near i found myself wishing the day was closer i was worried that something would happen and i wouldn't get to see the new year. Each day was a day closer and then it came and all my worry was over, i did worry over nothing but that's me a worrier.

Now it's 2014 and something bigger is looming my 65th birthday when i finally and officially reach retirement age. I normally keep my date of birth quite due to on-line scammers and identity fraud but as of the 3rd March i will be 65 years old/ young.

Now for a while i have been worrying again about something happening, i really want to see my 65th birthday. Another expat here is a few weeks after me so we are going to have a pension party and all the local expats are invited to join use. We are going to a restaurant called the Beria Ria for a meal. We did want to use the club we normally go to on a Friday night but even though it has a fire sometimes we can't get anywhere near it due to the amount of locals who have started to go in before we arrive.

In the bar the floor is made of granite tiles, the walls are bare brick and the bar is bare brick and granite and everything is ice cold even the ceiling is made of concrete so that's why we are going to a restaurant. I have been counting down now for a few months and from today it's 3 weeks and counting.


  1. Peter, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. Your physical age may reach 65, but based the adventurous spirit you show in your writing, your mental age is much younger. All the best, Ana

    1. Thank you Ana. It's only the shell that's soon to be 65 i am still in the 1960's. My journey really has only just began. Thanks