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Monday, 3 February 2014

I got myself a new Nail gun, soon i can get so much more done

Until Tony the Tory changed the gun laws i was a member of a gun club. I was the proud owner of three hand guns. Nothing was better than a few hours shooting paper targets of politicians or in fact anybody i wanted. In those days to get permission to own guns you had to be checked out by the police and to keep guns you needed security almost as good as a bank would have.

My first gun was a Smith and Wesson model 686 i even had a barrel weight made and fitted and it was my favourite. Next came my UZI 9mm the same as you would see in films and the i got a Dessert Eagle now the 50cal is officially the most powerful hand gun in the world.

Tony Blair known as Tony the Tory having an election coming had a clever idea if we ban all hand guns the people will vote for me or he thought. Well his idea went ahead and all legal guns where taken and all we got was about 30% of the value. I lost over £1200 on my three guns but what was more important was that something i liked doing was taken away from me. Clubs closed jobs lost but today gun crime is increasing in the UK to alarming levels.

I spotted on Heyportugal in the classified section  for sale a Nail gun. OK it may not be what i was used to but it's my Nail gun and nobody will be taking this from me. The Nail gun was on sale for 25€ when new they are £60 plus. After contacting the owner and agreeing that i wanted it they agreed to meet me at the Sunday market and bring the Nail gun with them. My shock was that it was brand new still in the box and never used.

Along with the other tools i have been getting when the weather gets better and warmer i will be better placed to get a lot more work done on my house. My first job will be to make a bench to go against the wall on my veranda. Oh yes i need to finish the veranda but now i have the tools i don't need to rely on anybody else o get things done.

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