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Thursday, 20 February 2014

The wall came tumbling down, well almost

The weather has been very bad and very depressing, getting up to rain most days or if no rain low black clouds and miserable.I had started to get the lounge plaster boarded but i came to a point where i would have finished one half only to start to rip the other half out and take out a wall. It's only a few days ago i mentioned that the weather forecast was for clear sunny days ow wrong i was every other day is great blue skies, warm and makes you feel so much better. The next day it's back to the rain, just when it looked to be getting better it worse that before. At least when it rained it rained all the time and you lived with it but when it's sun and the rain you don't know what to do or even plan for the days ahead. 

A friend pointed out that it would be wiser to do all the demolition first and then carry on with the plaster boarding to the walls and ceiling. I have a drill that also allows me to breakup the walls with the hammer action of the drill. Sadly it came to a stop when the brushes burnt out and finding them online in the UK seemed the only answer until i mentioned to a friend that work was held up do to needing brushes for my drill. He told me of a builder/ garden center not to far away. How lucky i was that they had some that would fit and that was my only bit of good luck. The brushes are held in with a plastic type screw but as i removed one it fell apart into bits.

Again back to the internet i found a firm that sell parts for B&Q's own make machines. A call to them got me through to a very nice helpful young lady who told me that the parts i want they don't have but they have been able to match some up for others in the past. So it's another delay but one that should not take to long and the wall in the picture below will be down and my lounge will be so much bigger.

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