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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

And the Electrician arrived on time.

Well the electrician was booked and he arrived on time and all I had to hope that I had laid everything in place as I had planned. I have 17 sockets, 1 ceiling fan and light and also 12 LED lights running 2.5w each so cheap to run. My lights use only 35watt's of power, that's less than a 40w bulb but as you can see from the photos the kitchen is as bright as anybody could ask for.

Hi Tim this picture is just for you. As you can see i do have 12 LED lights but there days are numbered they will be replaced for 12v instead of 240v and solar to power them.

Breadmaker on and my first cup of tea. Also when i arrived i put into semi retirement my Road Runner mug well today he is now out and ready for this my first cup of tea.

 I still have a lot of work to do and that's why i have been buying all the tools that i need. Around the windows will be be faced in timber and the skirting. One thing i can't do is make my cupboard doors and a local timber guy called Chico will make them.

One major change in the summer will be i intend to start to use Solar powder for my lighting in all of the house. I will be using 12v LED lights instead of 240v. This means i will be using free lighting instead of having to pay for it.  To have the rest of the house on solar means to much of an investment so i will be happy just to have free lights. I may have 1 12v socket to power phone chargers, laptops etc.  

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