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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

UK TV is now no more.

Before i made my move to my bit of Paradise i got myself a large satellite dish ready for when i made my move. When i arrived here in Gois i had to wait two weeks before i could move in and during that time i would go to the Internet cafe most days.

I found that most or if not all i  wanted to watch on my TV i could download from the Internet. It's a good job i could do this because i found when i visited my soon to be new home didn't have space for my huge satellite dish.

Now over two years later we have a situation where the people who run the satellite for BBC, ITV and SKY launched a new satellite to replace the old one and to be able to give better reception for certain areas that proved difficult before. The downside is that many areas of Portugal and Spain can no longer get  UK TV.

There are various companies selling all manner of products to enable  there customers to be able to get UK TV. I did hear about one company to be charging £250 per year for TV. On the many Forums Comments like " Wait and see we may get the TV back " or " You need a good Internet speed " " Or you need a VPN " Of all the many replies to the various questions about UK TV very few posters offer answers to the question How do we get UK TV.

When the answer is given too many people are quick to say " You need fast speed " " The picture quality is poor " plenty of negative comments but no answers for the problem of how to get UK TV.  One or two people have mentioned that Filmon is the answer or Mediahint. With Filmon you just go to the UK TV and go down the list of programs and pick what you want. Or with the Firefox addon Mediahint installed all you need is to go to BBC, ITV, Channel4 etc and click the program you want to see and watch it.  I have found that at times ITV ask for a postcode and when given the program starts as if i was in the UK. A bonus of using the Firefox addon is i can now use the HULU system in the USA.

From the picture you can see that my speed is only 0.81Mbps and while i am typing this i have on my TV a program called HOW IT'S MADE. Critics say you need loads of speed but i have found and proved that you don't. Due to a cabling problem PT my Internet provider tell me that the main cables to my village need to be replaced but they can't give me a date for there replacement.

A bonus of using PT as my Internet provider is by paying by direct debit means that i get unlimited amounts of downloads. Even with the slow speed i have i am able to watch TV and download programs i have missed to watch later.

One clever bit of kit fits into the USB slot on the rear of your TV and it makes your TV into a Smart TV. You can get all the TV you want and you don't need to connect your TV to your computer as i do. On Ebay there are many devices that plug into your router.

I have mentioned on various Forums about how easy it is to use  . Today i did a speed check as i do most days only to find a tiny bit of extra speed. I had Filmon on my TV and decided to try it at the same time on my laptop and it works fine even with my speed. I do suffer a tiny time lag on my laptop using it on Wifi. I don't use the HD on Filmon as it's a paid for feature and i am happy with the reception as it is.

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