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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Red Cross food parcel on it's way and other bits.

It's now nearly three weeks into the New Year but it's miserable as every it could be. We have had constant rain, wind and cold but a couple of days dry and with blue skies.Today is bright and sunny but it's cold outside today.

At the start of December i started to get another parcel made up by my son in Liverpool. I have since then  had a food mixer, cam belt for my car, Filter for the gas system on my car, two boxes of router bits 35 and 19, eggs poachers sent over the last few weeks and more sent.

In early December i asked my son to include a bottle of Newcastle Brown to enjoy with my Christmas dinner well that dinner came and no Newcastle Brown but who cares.  So many things i need are being collected tomorrow and should be with me by Friday the 24th next week.

Also my other son has included a parcel for me for Christmas but it's late for Christmas but what's a few weeks. Here we call all parcels Red Cross food parcels, it's because i have had some food included as usual. Oxo cubes, Bisto, 2 kilo of Cheese and so much more.

My next parcel will included a case of 24 tins of baked beans and i hope that i don't have to wait so long for the next parcel. To be fair over the weeks i have been to my son to wait as i have something else coming to go in the parcel.  Here in Portugal Heinz beans cost 1.69€ or in my sons shop Cross and Blackwell 3 tins for £1 now that's a bargain.

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