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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Come back Chicco

It's one thing Chicco no longer being able to work due to his injuries but he is sadly missed. I thought I was ok when I found someone who could get me supplies of Chestnut. After taking down a wall I then had to make good the wall I had cut. I have some timber but I still needed more but I have now waited four weeks and still have no wood. It seems the promise I had of timber was just that just a promise.

I found a place that supplies roof timbers so I went to ask if the had Chestnut timber but sadly they don't but they told me of a place I could try. I tried this company and found that they spoke great English so it was easy to tell them what I wanted. I emailed the sizes I wanted and waited for a reply and then it came and what a shock I got. After buying from Chicco for the last five years the price I got was a shock 96.40€ for that I would expect half a tree.

Chicco I am sure would have charged no more than 40€ if that but 96€ sorry I am not prepared to be ripped of. The picture below shows what I am doing I just need to face of around the opening and finish by the fire so not a lot.

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