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Saturday, 26 August 2017

No hose pipe ban

You have seen on the UK news when it's not rained for 12 hours all over the news it's time for a hose pipe ban. You will have seen it all before wrong type of leaves on the train track or its the wrong kind of snow or even in London it's the wrong type of water.

Now let me tell you a little story. When it rains here in January, February, March and April we have rain rain and more rain until early this year someone forgot to book the rain and what we received was not worth mentioning. So what happened well the sun has been out constantly and the temperature has been nice but we need rain.

From Gois at this bridge you can normally see the river flowing very fast. The river has dried up and the locals say this has never happened in living memory.

But i am glad to say there is not and will not be a hosepipe ban. Why it's not the UK.

This is the river Ceira and the water here should be flowing towards Coimbra  through Serpins

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