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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Pete's bar has gone it's changed hands

As the title says Pete's bar at Ponte Velha is no more. I went in today as I always do when in the area and I found that Barbara the cook has taken over. Lots of new changes are coming so watch this space.

So Pete's gone but what's new well the two things i know are that they are going to sell a good range of English food for those who can't do without English food. once they get settled in they are going to have a monthly barbeque in the car park over the road in the car park.

Amongst the range of English food is i hope to be selling a range of Organic Spices and also other Spices on request.

My suppliers tell me the reason that most of my range of Spices are not certified Organic is the farmers are so small the cost of being accredited as Organic cost to much when a farmer may only have one acre of farm.

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