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Sunday, 25 May 2014

If you can dream it you can do it. Just believe

I am not lucky to have confidence in all i do so i practice as much as i can. Making the shelves in my kitchen i used lots of wood until i felt i had it right. The first lot of shelf brackets i threw away because i didn't like them because i had a vision of what i wanted and they where not right. It's easy to just put up shelves just like you would a book shelf but as the pictures below show i wanted  more something better.

The first problem was finding the right kind of shelf brackets and with that done i used a small sheet of plasterboard to get the effect i wanted right from what i had in my mind. That done i had to get my friend at the timber yard to cut my timber down to size because my new table saw had not arrived in time.

Each shelf has been varnished 6 times to give a perfect finish and between every 2 finishes i rubbed the shelves down again till it was just right.

Here are my shelves finished and stocked with some of my Herbs and Spices. Two more corners of my kitchen will also have the same shelves put up mainly because i have so many Herbs and Spices.

The reason for having the most amazing shelves up is i don't and won't have wall cupboards up i want better. I think i have given myself the best i could do But long time since the last Big But.

I hope that never having done a thing in my life because i was able to get others to do it for me i now can do things for myself.  Many people come to not just Portugal but to many others countries like me without any skills. My big wish is that i have inspired others to have a go all you need is to dream because " Dreams can come true " the pictures above show it has for me.

I am in the middle of other jobs and in time as they get finished more pictures will be on show.

If you can dream it you can do it.


  1. Well done mate,hope all your dream jobs are as nicely finished

    1. Thanks Dave. Just a little bit of hard work and wall to wall sunshine.