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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Why pay for a fold down table make one yourself, i have

When i have occasion to go to Porto airport i like to have a wander around Ikea partly because they have a cafe and the soft drinks you serve yourself.

One day last year i saw a fold down table that i could use in my kitchen when it was finished with just fold it down out of the way. Now the kitchen is almost finished i decided to make my own fold down table. As i have a lot of very old Chestnut timber  that when planed down looks beautiful so i decided to have a go what could i loose.

Until my table saw arrived from the UK i had to go to my friend Chicco to get my timber cut down to size at his workshop.

The top is now waiting for a piano type hinge about 30 inch's long and then i can put it all together.  found a couple of small bits of hinge i found in a tool box but much to small for what i want it for.

I have been to all local builders merchants to try and get a piano hinge but i can't find one. Everywhere i go they say no sorry we don't have any. Even Chicco who makes furniture only had a type that was to wide, it was wider than the wood i used for the table top. So for the moment i am held up, to go to Coimbra to Leyroy Merlin is an hour drive and an hour back plus the cost of fuel just for a hinge. There is still one place left i can go to and i live in hope that maybe they will have what i want.

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    Nice explanation with image. Thanks for sharing