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Friday, 16 May 2014

The last bit done and the veranda is finished.

On Tuesday i finally finished my veranda. The finishing touch was to put a shaped piece of wood on the front at the top of veranda. Going back over 50 years my Dad built a green house in the rear of the house we had just moved into in Liverpool.

The pointy bit you see on my veranda was on the top of my Dad's green house but sadly last year it's use came to an end and i was given the pointy bit to keep.

Now 50 years later it was time to give some more life to the last part from my Dad's green house. I am also lucky to have my Dad's ladder and i used that to get up to put the pointy bit up in position. It still had the nails in that Dad used 50 years ago so i didn't even need nails. The last touch was i also had Dad's hammer that i remember from all those years ago.

So i used Dad's hammer to put up Dad's pointy bit and using Dad's ladder to do the job.

A fitting tribute to Dad, Thanks

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