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Friday, 23 May 2014

Strawberries and Newcastle Brown Ale

Today has been about the best day for quite a while. Three Bottles of Newcastle Brown arrived and they where hand delivered after a very good XO cognac they are something special to drink. The same day i picked my first Strawberries of the season, only a few but it's the first day.

Just a few but many more to come.

While i was in Liverpool I had a drink in a bar only to find they don't stock Newcastle Brown now that was a shame. I had to have Magners.

I have been waiting for a delivery for days and at last it arrived with my big table saw, 4 boxes of tea bags, a bag of 1,100 tea bags enough for a year or more. But most of all the special brackets for my shelves for the kitchen, the brackets will make the shelves look like they are just floating on the wall. I also  got myself a new Pillar drill a few weeks ago just so i could drill the holes accurate as a degree out would make the shelf just look odd. Tomorrow i will get started so it's no getting up late for me till the shelves are done and up ready for use.

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