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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What no Newcastle Brown

I went over to Liverpool last week and after i arrived with my mate Paul who was going on to Scotland. We arrived in Liverpool city centre sometime after midnight and we needed a drink but where, just ask a cabbie and we where soon on our way to O'Neils bar. O'Neils by it's name is an Irish bar with loads f Guinness but what they didn't have was New Castle Brown, i had looked forward to a nice cold bottle of my favourite drink. I ended up having a pint of Magners only to have it ruined with ice and water from the ice bucket. Ok for Paul he just had a pint of Stella, way we were served we both got a shock or maybe we should have expected the price to be a bit more than in Portugal £7.55p wow that was a shock. For 2 bottles of Sagres or Superbock we pay about 1.60€ or a little more.

The noise i won't call it music was very loud, OK in the 60's we had loud music but the noise in O'Neils bar was from a very badly setup sound system it was just only a noise. So if you are going over to Liverpool and find yourself in Hanover Street and the corner of Wood Street avoid the noise in O'Neils bar.

I was in town with my granddaughter  on Saturday morning and she walked the legs and feet of me and by early afternoon my legs didn't want to work anymore. She had me in shops up and down stairs until we met up with my son and his other half and i was glad to see them if only for a rest. I thought i was fit but it seems i am not quite as fit as i thought i was.

My Mum was being taken away for a few days by one of my sisters and they where to leave Sunday morning early so i only got to see Mum for a few short hours. Only a few more hours and i would be at the airport again ready for my return to my home from home in Portugal. 

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