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Monday, 5 May 2014

Time to clad the pillars

Confidence is a big thing. I am now starting to do another job and this is using a nice piece of hard wood to cover where i took out a wall in my lounge. I needed to leave a pillar and i decided to clad it in timber and having invested in the right tools it's time to start the job.

I want to do a rounded edge but first i need to cut some timber and practice. Measure twice cut once is good advice but the last thing i want is to then get it wrong. I cut a couple of pieces and used silicon to fix to the wall and wood glue to glue the two pieces together. Once the glue has dried i will get out my router and shape the corner, then sand and varnish. If after all this it comes out as i want i can then get Chicco the timber guy to cut more of my Chestnut timber down to size.

The pillar is about 8ft high so it's easy to make a mistake and spoil the effect i am after so that's why i am doing it this way first. 

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