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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

50 Years after leaving school i am working with wood

When i was at school a good 50 years ago i was to say the least not very good.  Now over 50 years later i enjoy wood working and able to make a good job at what i am doing.

I have been able after so long to get to a store for some of the bits i can't get local. Just a bit of tidying up to do and it's all complete.

The top has now been completed and i have managed after so long to get the eye bolts to fix the rope to the uprights on the veranda. I got myself a type of thread to secure the rope ends only to find that it was not very strong. I now need to get some more stronger thread to secure the rope as i don't want anybody to fall through and have an accident.

One of the timber floor boards was twisted and i have now been able to get that replaced. The hard part is doing things that can't be seen done but lots can't be seen.

Back later 

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