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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Getting questions answered

On Tuesday i tried to join a Forum. I know lots of people use Forums for research and there are some who have nothing good to be said about them. Me i always try to find my information from Techie Forums that is run by people who know what they are talking about.

The best two  i have found are Ubuntu Forums as i run my computers using Ubuntu Linux and the other is AVforums as this is all about Sound and Video.

When i started my kitchen i knew i wanted LED lights but didn't consider Solar for the power. It's only now i want to turn to using Solar power all i need to do is change the LED bulbs and connect up a Solar panel. OK i know there is a bit more to it but that's the plan but why not free energy. I am now looking at installing Solar energy for my lighting system, i only want to install one panel so i can run 12 LED lighting so not to difficult. Also i want when i am ready to fit a Solar panel to give me hot water. Not to difficult but when you find a very good UK Techie Forum it's easy to get the questions answered But a big BUT.

The internet is full of people who want to do harm to websites in various ways, Spam or steal information or for whatever reason. I have found a Forum that for one reason or another made me work hard to get membership. Am i upset no because security is vital in todays society and for that reason i move from windows many years ago security is number one with me and Ubuntu Linux gives me that security.

The work starts as i have lots of question now so that when i get my Solar panels for both Light and water i know what i am doing.  

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