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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Getting rid of waste

I hate waste of any kind and water waste is high on my list of waste hates. For the last couple of years i have been using the washing up water by putting it on my garden. I only needed four pipes and a couple of elbow joints, drill a few holes and when i pull the plug the garden gets watered.

I did a search on Google to find if water with washing up liquid would do any harm to my plants and i found nothing to concern me so i went ahead.

My five grapevines, onions, strawberries and Red/ Black currants will now get watered more often than the rest of my fruit trees. Also my raised beds are coming on well with onions and carrots already on the go.

When the plug is pulled the waste water now goes down the pipes you can see and waters my plants.

I planted this apple tree last year and forgot about it till today. To my surprise it's covered in flowers that when the bees have got at them should turn into apples.

This is my lemon tree and apart from new leaves growing it has a number of flowers almost open so maybe this year will be the year for my own lemons.

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