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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Me 1 slugs nil

Having strawberries in the ground gives slugs something to do like eat my strawberries when i am not watching. As the pictures below show i have made it more difficult for them.

Last year i got myself 4 strawberry plants from a garden centre for 2€ so at that price it was a bargain. However now i have about 40 plants and i am to mean to give any away or even loose any to the slugs.

I have in total six planters all with 2 plants in each. All i now need is for them to grow nice big strawberries for me to enjoy.

My son said about putting the plants in pots on the veranda, so i did and now all i need to do is keep them watered and eat my fruit.

Here is my strawberry tower and tomorrow i will start to get it planted. I will get to plant 21 plants in my tower but look at the work i am giving myself all this watering every day.

After all i made a watering system for my grapes and onions well i have to do something for my strawberries.

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