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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A quick mock up and admire my shelves

From when i first started to work on my kitchen i had a dream. I didn't want just any kitchen i wanted a kitchen that i had dreamed about built by me to meet all my needs. It is coming together bit by bit when i have also to complete other works around the house.

I have a large collection of Herbs and Spices all in jars and they needed a home in my kitchen all of there own. It's this amongst other things that have made me start to do things in the house that i never dreamed i would be able to do. I wanted my jars on show instead of hidden away and that meant i needed shelves. I didn't want just any old Pine shelves i wanted to do better after all in have been buying lots of power tools so it was up to me to plan what to do.

A shelf is a shelf and just a bit of wood fixed to the wall. No i wanted something more, i wanted no brackets on show so i had to do a Google search. I found that i could have brackets that where hidden from show or as they advertise invisible brackets. These are pins that screw into the wall and into holes in the shelve but as is mentioned often on TV programs measure twice cut once. Close but not what i did, i used old timber to built a mock up of what i wanted to do. Now i was happy with the results and i had to start all over again but this time i was using some of my old seasoned Chestnut timber.

Before i screw them into placed them in position on top of some big jars. Now that's how i had dreamed it would look.

This is in one corner on the wall by my window with a view.  

The timber is beautifully seasoned and has the grain looking rich and beautiful. Now i need to polish the shelves but not before they are fitted into place. Now is the time to finish the job and that means they need to be rubbed down and polished. Maybe it will take a little time but i can now see how it will look once finished and fitted back in place.


  1. Hello Peter, sorry to use the commnets section to ask a question but I can't see an email address. It's about registering the car, which we would like to do here. I am unsure about two things, one is the Statutory Declaration - what is that, is it the same as SORN? And what about the Taxpayer ID card, is this a Portuguese card, because I do not have one.
    Keep up the blog, it's a very interesting read. We're a lot further south than you, in Milfontes.
    Best wishes


    1. Hi George.

      The Statuary declaration is when you go to the Embassy to declare you are no a resident of Portugal and the cost si if it's not changed 157€. It's your residency you need to show that you are now new residence is now Portugal. To contact me go to any of the Forums and look for Peterfc and send a Pm and i can give you contact details should you wish to get in touch.