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Monday, 21 April 2014

Everything has started to grow nicely

We have been having mixed weather, the forcast says one thing and we get something else. Weeks of nice warm weather then overcast and then rain. Well the blossom has come and gone on most of the fruit trees. The plums, apples and all the cherries have tiny fruits growing.

The orange and lemon trees have blossoms on and soon hopefully they will have fruits growing. 

 On the left is another Apple tree.

Next but no so easy to see is my Blueberry tree.

On the left is again a Plum tree.

Next is my Lemon tree.

 My onions are doing very well and better than last year when the chickens got at them and decided there need was better than mine and they eat the lot.

The strawberries have gone from 4 plants last year to about 30 this year so i should have plenty of nice ripe strawberries to enjoy this year. I have just got myself a strawberry planter, a 5ft high tube that takes 24 plants. The best thing is that it is above the ground away from most ground pests.

I had wanted this year to be growing by using Hydroponics where plants are grown in water instead of soil. On the left hand side of my Blog there are links to Hydroponics.

On the left is my Lettuce.

In the bucket are my Onions

On the left is part of my Apple tree.

Lastly is my Plum tree.

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