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Friday, 4 April 2014

It was party night

My friend June and myself have both just became pensioners, for a long time we had the idea of having a party to celebrate out good fortune in being paid to live in this beautiful country. I don't look to bad for an old age pensioner do I.

June and her husband live not far away from me in Bordeiro a little village just outside of Gois.

It was good to see David turn up as he only arrived back few hours before he had to come out to our meal.

This is June's husband Pete and my new neighbour Madeline. Madeline has had a house built at the top of the lane from me and her house is at the highest point in the village.

Even animal George the logger boss and Fernando the mechanic turned up and they are local Portuguese. As there are a few Georges the logger boss has our nickname of animal. Mine is Scouse Pete and i wonder why?

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