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Sunday, 20 April 2014

I locked myself out of the house. What a fool

The hard part of doing things as part of my project of improving my house is often a lot is done but can't be seen.

When i moved into the house i found all kinds of tools etc and I put them all in a box to look at later. I locked myself out one day this week and having a key to the door on my veranda hidden outside i was not to concerned. I just had to get my spare key and get in, now that would be easy but i left the key in the veranda door on the inside. In the end i had to break the front door open and in doing so i broke the lock.

Lucky for me i had three door locks in the box of tools in my cellar so all i needed to do was get one of the locks and fit it to the door. Sounds easy. The lock had not been screwed on but in fact was nailed on. The problem here is that all the nails you buy in Portugal are square not round. Having removed nails from timber i have recycled i know how hard it is to get them out. This lock proved no different. Only four nails but not wanting to damage the door frame it took over an hour to just to get them out without any damage.

Thankfully four screws and the job was done.

I managed to get the electrician to call this week to install the switches for my outside lights and to get my ceiling fan connected and working at last.

I have a new fridge and after putting some consideration to how the kitchen worked for me i decided to move the fridge to under one of my work units. The problem being all units where joined together and the granite worktop was fixed to the units as well. I had to cut down one unit and then fit the fridge in the gap i had made for it.

Because i had planned my kitchen well, running cable to put in a socket for the fridge was easy. It was a good job i hadn't had my unit doors made yet or i would have wasted the doors on this unit.

While out shopping i got a loin of pork 2.75 kilo for 9€ that works out to £1.50 per lb. After cutting it in have and slicing one half into steaks the other was to make bacon.

Beautiful sweet cured bacon. Two bacon steaks and enough when packed away in the freezer to keep me going for weeks.

100 gram of salt
100 grams of sugar
1 heap table spoon of Juniper berries crushed and the rest is easy. Now to enjoy

That's not a bad week,

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