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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Just paid all my bills even my Council tax

Today being a nice day as it was i decided it was time to pay all my bills. Electric, Phone, Water and my House tax or as it's known in the UK Council tax.

What made me pay it all today even though some where not yet due was i was talking to a friend in Deal in Kent this morning as he said how much he had to pay for his Council tax this year and he has to pay £135 per month. I made him sick by saying mine was only 30.45€ per year.

House tax           30.45€    per year
Water rates          4.59€    per month
Electric              59.45€    per month
Phone/internet   30.36€    per month

How is that only 124.85€ for all my bills and that includes my yearly House tax. My mate in Kent pays more per month and that's only for his Council tax.

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