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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Now that was a nice surprise

It's only three weeks since i had my 65 birthday and tonight the last worry i had has disappeared. I know that when you reach retirement age you get your well earned pension But a big worry. What if something went wrong and the payment didn't come through. What if because the payment didn't arrive I would i have to go back to the UK to sort out what every was wrong..

Well tonight at 12.06 i logged into my bank after ordering a card from Funkypidgeon and i only wanted to check the payment had left my back as it normally does. Yes Funkypidgeon had been paid and i had my pension paid in what a surprise. Wow i didn't expect that quite yet for a few  more days. By 12.10am i had already transfered some money onto my Euro card just in case they want it back.

That's a nice end to a worrying time.  I know i shouldn't worry but What If and now that's all gone life is back to the biggest worry each day is what to have for dinner.

To Celebrate i opened a bottle Of Courvoisier Cognac to toast the next chapter of my life.

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