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Friday, 14 March 2014

Nice weather just the time to get more work done

The nice thing about the good weather we are enjoying is i am able to get some work done.
By getting the hand rails done i am now able to enjoy the outside on my veranda. I do still have a little to do like the rope around the veranda and a top like on a Pergola. As soon as i have reason to go over to where the timber guy i use i will order the timber for the top and then it's about done.

The picture looks odd but they are straight because i used a spirit level to make sure that they were OK.

Next came to the bottom of the stairs and i had a door spare so it was another job that could be done. The mistake i made when i first moved in was not wanting to have jobs done all over the house so i kept to just the kitchen. As the winter was coming to an end i realised that there was a lot of small jobs i could get done. The width of the stairs being narrow i cut into the wall to put the door frame in position so i only reduced the gap on the stairs by only a little.

The biggest job has been taking down the wall to give me a bigger lounge.

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