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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hand rails fitted to my veranda good job the rain kept off

We have had rain, rain and more rain thankfully no floods like in the UK but we now have wall to wall Sun and temperatures in the low 20's today.

I have waited for it to get dry to get the hand rails fitted to my veranda. In my cellar i had got ready my hand rails, i had molded the hand rails and cut them where they join the newell posts. Today was sunny and dry si it was time to start it only took a couple of hours and all my hand rails are now in place and from an off cut i made the first of the kick boards to go between the newell posts to stop anybody slipping between the newell uprights.

Just look at that blue sky and more days of the same to come.

Just because it's nice out doesn't mean i can't work inside. I have been taking a wall down in the lounge to make the room bigger and brighter.  I had to leave a column as you can see in the picture because in the loft here is a roof timber helping to support the roof. I have a friend who was a builder/ joiner all his working life and he came round to offer his advice. I want to have three chest of draws on one side of the loft room so it was decided to put a further five roof supports and when done i can remove the rest of the wall and start to make good. Between the roof supports i will build in the chest of draws as a built in unit instead of free standing units

In the long term there will be a set of stairs on the left going downstairs to the cellar. I intend to create two rooms for my Grandchildren to have for themselves. But that will be a while before they get done.

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