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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Almost a forest glad it's not my job to plant.

I went shopping with a friend on Sunday. We went into a garden centre to have a look at the trees for sale. i found none i wanted but the offer price was a bit much for my friend to pass by so he picked 27 trees that seemed a lot to me but at between 2.50€ and 3.50€ each he got himself a bargain. be rearranging the rear and front passenger seats we got them all in. 

I had wanted to go to another garden centre / builders merchants and my friend was again looking at the trees on offer 53 trees later we started to load the car again. I found 2 black cherry trees and 5 Shiraz grape vines and then we where on are way to his house. In total he had  80 trees all at 2.5€ each and that seemed as many as he would need, he has a large area of flat land and also a large part that is partly slopping so 80 seemed enough.

While having a cup of tea and a beer he asked if i could go back the next day to get more trees and i agreed but to save time and a lot of driving i suggested we went back after tea. This time my friend went mad in total he got another 100 trees again all cost 2.5€ each. All trees where between 6ft and 8ft and most had buds or blossom on them so the where all in very good condition. 

Here i have planted 3 Shiraz grape vines and a Red currant and a Black currant. In the middle of these i planted lots of onions after reading about companion planting some time ago.

Just look at this lazy chicken sun bathing in the afternoon sun, just as long as she has laid an egg first.

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