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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weather Oh dear me

Being almost 65 years of age you would think i wouldn't fall for the Crap that weather forcasters say. Well i did fall for the Crap, a few weeks ago i checked the weather and for the following 10 days it said it was mostly sunny.  Having so much i wanted to do outside i looked forward to the days ahead. I found i had timber i could use to get more of my veranda done and it is ready but sitting down in my cellar waiting for the time i could put it all together.

I received a parcel from my son in Liverpool. In the parcel was a box of router bits i had been waiting for. I had been waiting for these to arrive so i could make the hand rail for the veranda and it didn't take long and the hand rail was done.

My veranda that i started last year has already weathered and the new look of the timber has aged. My hand rail i have ready for when the rain stops is already aged timber and shortly weather permitting my hand rail will be in position and then it won't be long and it will be finished.

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