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Sunday, 17 April 2016

If i do inspire you please let me know

As you can see i have done a bit more on the opposite gable end wall  but next to the window is my log burner chimney. I need to have the chimney removed so i can cut the ceiling plasterboard downstairs in the lounge.

You can see i used some offcuts but when it's all done you won't notice as it will be all hidden.

This blue insulation is i am told the same as 8 inches or 200mm of Rockwool and when it's all done this bedroom should be warm and draft free.

The plasterboard arrived so i finished this bit of the gable end. The chimney needs to be removed before i can finish the stud work.

I was going to carry on to the right of what you can see but i had a fall and hurt my bad knee so it's a day or two of for me.


  1. You inspire me Peter. I've been following for some time now. Well done.

  2. Hi Ashley I hope your imagination can give you the pleasure mine gives me. I have another treat in store in my bedroom but that's for another day.