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Monday, 18 April 2016

My window seat

Well i went to Chicco to collect my new window seat he had made for me. I took it upstairs but the light conditions with the new window was no good the light was to bright.

I took this picture to show the colour after it's been varnished. The door frame is varnished Chestnut and looks Stunning but it will take about five coats of varnish to get this look.

Here is the window seat finished and in position. It won't have it's final fitting until the plasterboard has been finished and painted but it does look good.

How much would this cost to be made in the UK if you could find somewhere to get it made. Also all i had was a big piece of cardboard cut to show what i wanted and Chicco worked from that. The cost was only 45€ now it would cost many hundreds in the UK but i am lucky to be living where i am.

For those new to Portugal or any other country if you have an idea go for it and if you can't do it yourself then get someone to do it for you. How unique is this window seat and i have another idea to do in my master be

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