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Saturday, 9 April 2016


Work in the loft is coming on nicely by Monday this window opening will be finished and i should have an amazing view of the valley.
 This has all been cut out with a hammer and chisel as to use a power cutting disk would create to much dust.

This picture doesn't show the height from the floor but i am considering if i  can make a window seat even though the seat would be near to the stairs.

I have been known to do a good hard days work. Today i started early to get my window in. Cutting through the final part of the outside wall was harder thank i expected but i used my power cutter. Great idea until you are blinded by the amount of dust. Tomorrow i will finish the last of the facing of around the window frame. Next i will measure up for the window seat i want to finish done. For now because i have to take the glass out i have secured the glass with strips of wood.

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