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Friday, 29 March 2013

Found a great cafe Today

I had been told by a friend about a great Cafe they had found. The nearest place is called Vila Nova De Poiares.The cafe is owned by an English guy called Peter. Peter has a girl who runs the bar side for him, as we went in i was the first to say hello. Straight away she smiled and said that i know where you are from! I said go on guess, guess she did and she was spot on Liverpool she said. It seems that Joanne comes from Huyton on the outskirts of Liverpool. She even knows Tony a fellow Bargain Booze franchisee Wow. As she is a Blue " Everton FC " i was invited back when Everton are playing on TV. The bar even has real UK tea not the type of tea bag on a string that tastes nothing like tea as we know.

This is the Cafe from the outside. The picture is from Google Earth street view.

The cafe part is run by a girl called Clare from the Bristol area. Apart from Portuguese food she also does a full UK breakfast till 3pm each day. Sunday it's a full UK meat and two veg and yorkshire pudding. They also have Fish and Cips night.

The full breakfast is becoming popular with the Portuguese truck drivers because it's what they have when in the UK. What i am looking forward to is when they have a Curry night.

There were three of us and we had.

3 bottles of beer, 2 Sagres and one Superbock
1 bottle of Coke
2 Glasses of red wine
2 Pasty and chips
1 Sausage roll and chips
2 Desserts

The cost for all this was 16.5€ or 5.5€ each now if that was not value then i don't know what is.

The settings below are  for those who use a sat nav.

40 10 48 44 N
08 15 57 19 W

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