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Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Uk is so cold, i want to go home.

Well i am well into my stay in Liverpool. I am cold, it's either damp or it's raining and the sky grey. On the 19th when i fly back to Portugal you can bet that the weather will get better but for now it's cold.

Being in the same place of work since 1985 you get to meet a lot of people. Some of the people i have meet during this short trip are people who i meet on the 23rd September 1985. You would think that i had only been away on a holiday, the biggest comment i am getting is how well i look and about the weight i have lost. It has made the move worth while after listening to all the good wishes i have received. Who would imagine all the kind comments i have received.

Tomorrow is sink day. I am going to remodel my bathroom and i want a corner sink. I have looked in Portugal and as yet i can't find one even though they must have them. I have found lots in the UK but it's one in Wicks that i am after and i will go and get it tomorrow. When i go home i am flying with British Airways so i will take the sink back with me in a box. I will just put the box in the hold and when i arrive in Lisbon the sink will be waiting there for me.

Today i went to an Electrical wholesaler for some ceiling light fitting. When i moved i had a lot of low energy light bulbs i got when Netto had an offer on. Netto had low energy bulbs for 10 for a £1 so i got 50 bulbs but always a but i need to change some of the fittings in the house as the fittings are not the same as the UK they are a screw type of fitting. So once fitted all my bulbs will be low energy and that's a result.

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