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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wanted swimming teacher

I have been home now for a week a long wet week. When i built my chicken run i put planks around the bottom to try and keep out vermin and it didn't work i lost 5 chickens.

Well we have had rain now for the last couple of months but we have had some days without rain. The land is so wet the rain just runs of as the land can't soak up anymore. Well the rain runs down the roof of my chicken house and fills up in front of were the chickens normally come out to eat and go outside to there outside space.

In front of the chicken house is a small lake about 4 inch's deep and tonight i told the chicks it was about time they learnt to swim to make best use of the water. As they didn't do as i said i had to dig some space under the chicken run to get the rain away.

Even with this water they have still kept laying eggs.

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