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Friday, 22 March 2013

So much sad news but one special highlight

I have just returned from a trip back to my birthplace of Liverpool. During my stay i work in my old shop for a few shifts and also met many of my old customers. The warm welcome i got was more than i expected. I must have changed a lot as almost everybody commented on how good i look says me with a big head.

It was all tinged with sadness that started with being told that a good friends wife was in the local Hospice and a few days later she had passed away.

I already knew of one lady who i first met on the 23rd September 1985. She was the first customer in my video shop and had remained a good friend from all those years ago. I met her two daughters who told me her there Mum was doing ok but was having some good and some bad days. Well tonight i heard that she had passed away. I knew her from before she got married, had children and then she had Grand children. I can only hope that she is now at peace.

Another good friend i was told had Lung Cancer. It seems that so much was going on a postman friend was at his father in laws house as i passed just before he was burying his father in law.

One of the last persons i met as i was leaving to go to my Mums before i got my life to the airport was someone special to me, over the years we had had a good laugh every time she came in to the shop. I saw her go into her place of work and i followed her in and when she saw me i got the biggest hug anybody could give. I had fancied her for so long and when i had to leave she hugged me again, my reponse was to grab her face and get myself a kiss and not a peek on the cheek. I had wanted to do that for years. I left for Mums with a smile on my face but as it was so cold in February and March i won't dare go to Liverpool till May or June next time.

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