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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Extra mature cheddar cheese

I only have four days to go and I have been out to get the one thing I like to take back after my travels and that's Extra mature cheddar cheese. I know I won't run out of cheese because I now have in my freezer 9 blocks of extra mature cheddar cheese all 750/ 800g. So why do I want to take more back you may ask, well I would rather keep a stock of cheese than risk running out.

I like putting cheese into my egg poacher before I put my egg in, also cauliflower cheese. So what's wrong with cheese in Portugal well nothing but I just prefer what I enjoy. Today I got three blocks each this time 800g and only cost £3.90 each. Lidl have mature cheddar from Northern Ireland but it costs more than twice what i pay on my travels to Liverpool.

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